VPS Hosting

From individuals to large corporate enterprises, we serve everyone and have a plan that is just right for your purpose and for your budget. Regardless of the category you select, you can be sure we will provide the same high level of services to everyone. We offer 24x7 support. When you host your domain with us, we set up the site and include powerful scripts, open source applications and features such as blog and forum installation. Plus, if you want to migrate from one plan to another, it is easy. If you do not know which plan suits you best, talk to us and we will give you the right advice to get your business off to a power packed start on the web.

Oemm.in offers a variety of web hosting services covering

Shared Windows and Linux hosting
Virtual private server (VPS)
Cloud hosting
Dedicated servers

Quality hosting on high speed servers with 99.99% uptime and excellent bandwidth means your site never slows down or gets blocked out due to high traffic. We offer this and several advantages in our web hosting plans

Unlimited disk space
Unlimited bandwidth
Unlimited emails
Site creation tools
Install Blogs
Easy to manage site with our control panel

Why Choose Us

Which type of Oemm.in generates ?
We generate unique and assured leads for our customer, according to their requirements and location.

For which industry lead guru works?
We works for all the industry whether it can be hospitality, education, but majorly we work for the real states clients.

How Oemm.in generates the lead?
We generate leads through google adds, facebook adds, bulk emailers, bulk sms,and the leads generated by all these resources are genuine leads.